Jessi Kaur’s new book Home of the Beloved is an elegant coffee table book that delineates the journey of the soul back to its true abode, the Source from where it emanated. It covers fifty concepts that comprise the essence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and is full of inspirational lessons learned from gurbani. Jessi Kaur describes abstract concepts with clarity and a depth of understanding that is both rare and illuminating. While the book is an expression of Jessi’s devotion to the spiritual principles enshrined in the scripture and her personal experiences of walking on the path that she reminds us is sharper than a razor’s edge, it puts the reader on the road to higher consciousness.


She is a TEDX speaker and has written three children’s books, Dear Takuya, The Royal Falcon and The Enchanted Garden of Talwandi. She has been written up as a pioneer in Sikh Children’s Literature. Her books are used as Enrichment Literature and Teacher’s Resource in diversity education in public schools in US, UK, Canada and other countries.


She has created a vast body of work on gurmat related subjects and has become an authoritative voice in gurbani interpretation and applicability to life. Her essays on Sikhi and contemporary issues have been published in online and print journals. She has delivered workshops and seminars at international conferences, Sikh youth retreats, and has been invited to speak at the Parliament of World’s Religions several times. She has been featured in TV shows and award-winning documentaries. She produced a multicultural children’s musical based on one of her books, The Royal Falcon.


Jessi was the Co-Founder of International Institute of Gurmat Studies, founded IGS Now, and is on the board of Kaur Foundation and Chardikalaa Foundation. She is a Talent Acquisition Consultant to leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. She has also served two terms as a Fine Arts Commissioner for Cupertino, CA. Prior to moving to the US, she taught English Literature at Delhi University.



 Home of the Beloved is a primer for those who wish to get acquainted with the broad message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and offers concise explanations of its universal spiritual concepts. The descriptions are by no means comprehensive. They provide a glimpse of the jewels enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The concepts are interconnected with Naam as the basis of the Sikh way of life. Naam is explored several times to cover its various aspects. The explanations also contain practical pointers on living in accordance with the Sikh praxis. I have designed the book in a way that each concept may be read separately or sequentially; some repetition was necessary to support this approach. It is my hope that it touches your heart and awakens in you a desire to delve deeper into the sacred scripture. For Gurbani quotations, I have used the translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Sant Singh Khalsa as a basis and modified it at times to clarify the meaning. For the most part, I have retained the punctuation and capitalization of words per the translation. I have substituted terms like God and Lord for Ik, Creator, Beloved, Divine. I have made a concerted attempt to keep Ik gender-free. I place the book at the revered feet of Guru Nanak Sahib in all humility and with an earnest prayer to lead me back to the home of my Beloved.


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